Thursday, March 28, 2013


Caroline had her 3 month follow-up at the ENT.  Every visit she has to sit in a sound proof room and listen for certain pitches.  Although she passed her ABR when she was under anestishia when she got her first set of tubs, she has yet to pass a hearing test in the booth.  The audiologist thought she had fluid in her ears, and she was correct.  Caroline's other tube has fallen out and now she has zero tubes.  The doctor said she has fluid and will need another set of tubes if her recheck in 6 weeks isn't clear.  He also suggested removing her adenoids while getting her tubes.  Apparently there is research that suggest that only 3% of kids need repeat tubes (because they do fall out at some point) if they have their adenoids removed compared to 30% of kids that do need repeat tubes because they did not have their adenoids removed.  I guess we will see in 6 weeks what will happen next.  Because she wasn't very thrilled to be at the doctors, I took her to the park to slide and swing. :o)

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