Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

We headed to a new pumpkin patch this year.  I was pretty fun, but we did miss out on the hay ride because the tickets were sold out.  However, there was still plenty for the kids to do and they did enjoy themselves.  Aubrey really wanted to take home the big pumpkins.

I think it is funny that Caroline looks at me, but screams when I wanted to take her picture.

                                           But Aubrey smiled and looked away from me.

I think Caroline wanted some big pumpkins too.

Aubrey and Gavin LOVE spending time together.

Of course Caroline is content with my phone.

Erin took this picture of my smiling Aubrey.  That little stinker smiles for her, but not for me.  Grrr!

Yes, our kids really like each other.

I asked Aubrey the other day why she likes Gavin and she said, "I like Gavin because he is nice to me." So true, Aubrey!   

The other day when i was dropping her off at school, there was a little boy that looked like Gavin.  
Aubrey: Mommy is that Gavin?
Me: No, but he looks like him doesn't he?
Aubrey: He must be a pretend Gavin.

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