Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Lake Spot

After a playdate, I drove around Lake Grapevine and found a new lake spot for us to visit at a later date. Once Caroline saw the lake she yelled, "beach!" so I got them out of the car and let them play for a while.  Both girls had a bast. I thought I had an extra diaper for Caroline in the car, but I didn't. So, Caroline rode home in just a towel.  Thanks goodness there were no accidents in the car. :o)

Aubrey's footprints in the sand.

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  1. Hi Dana,

    I live in Irving and this spot looks fantastic! Can you please let us know where this is located (or any other good beaches in the DFW area from Texas beach standards :p)? I'm a GPS person so GPS addresses would be great, otherwise I can figure it out using Google Maps. My email is muzammil dot amalik at gmail dot com