Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I found this DIY ghost tutorial on Pinterest.  About a week later the Pottery Barn magazine came in and in there were the same ghost, but at a price tag of $50.00 for the three.  Aubrey saw them first and was insistent that we make ghost.  Since I had already pinned the tutorial, I decided to give it a try.  These ghost cost me about $15.00 and I think they look so cute or spooky in our entry.
The American Girl magazine came in the mail.  Aubrey woke kind of cranky from her nap, so I told her I had a magazine with dolls in it for her to look at.  I told her they were cute and she said, "Are you sure they are cute, mommy"  Aren't all dolls cute?  Anywho, she has looked at this magazine many times and keeps saying, "Let's see, what doll do I want Santa to bring me?"
Aubrey wanted to make sock puppets, so she went into Rodney's dresser and got some white socks and drew smiley faces on them. hahaha!
After nap snuggles with daddy.

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