Thursday, October 11, 2012

iPhone Dump

I love this little lady!
Aubrey decided to put all my shoes in a shoe train in the closet. 
I got Aubrey a new 100 piece puzzle.  She loved putting it together and we loved having family time doing a puzzle.
1. I turned to see Aubrey hugging Caroline.
2. Caroline loves to "wash" Aubrey's hair. 
3. Aubrey's put her dolls at her table for a tea party. 
4. Sometimes you have to dress up your pug.
1. Aubrey watching Cinderella for the first time.  She was in love!
2. Caroline walking around Target for the first time all by herself. 
3. Caroline giving her Daddy some loving before he leaves for work
4. Aubrey drew a picture of a mommy holding her baby and eating an apple at the same time.

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