Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Zoo

Grandma and Poppy Pop came to visit this weekend.  It was in the mid 80s this weekend, so it was the perfect time for a trip to the Dallas Zoo.  Since both the girls love the Dallas Zoo, we decided to get an annual pass that included free passes for the Carousel and Monorail.  So both girls can ride both as many times as they want.  If I plan it perfectly and pack a lunch,  I should only have to pay for gas and refills for our souvenir cups. 
One happy girl!

Caroline had a blast.
She loves to watch herself in the mirrors.
Do you think she is happy?

I finally realized where Aubrey gets her anti-smile face.  My dad doesn't smile a whole lot in pictures.  At least I know she isn't being sassy, it's just a genetic reason for why she doesn't smile for photos. :o)

Caroline wanted to hold Papa's hand, but then decided that she could walk on her own.

Penguins are Aubrey's favorite animals.  We spent about 30 minutes watching them swim.  The penguins loved the attention and would swim right up to the window show off for the kids. 

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