Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Girls will be Girls

I wanted to take more photos of Caroline walking, so I put the white chair in the living room to have her walk from.  Of course this peeked Aubrey's interest and she wanted to sit in the white chair.  When she was done sitting, she wanted to stand on it and then jump.  Of course little sister wanted to copy and that made a certain older sister unhappy.  

My littlest lady showing off her new skills.  She is all stealthy since I can't hear her hands clapping on the wood floors as she speed crawls to find me.  Little walking feet are much quieter than little hands when trying to get around.
While I was cooking dinner, I heard Aubrey making a huge ruckus as she came from the playroom to the kitchen. She pushed her play table into the kitchen and ended up putting it right in front of the stove.  Seems like a perfect place to play to me. 

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