Thursday, July 12, 2012

Water Park

The girls and I met some friends (Kyla) at a local water park.  It is a mix between a splash park and a pool.  The image on the top right is for tots, but of course my kids wanted to play in the other area where the water goes from zero entry to about 4 feet.   Aubrey slid down the white slide in the middle image all by herself.  She also did one of those tall winding slides.  She had to ride by herself, but it totally freaked her out when she got to the bottom and came and found me (my friend was waiting for her at the bottom).  She total me that is was really "slipperly" and fast.  She really wanted to ride, but I felt bad for letting her do it since she was so scared afterwards.  Besides being scared by the winding slide, she had a blast.   

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