Friday, June 29, 2012

Surgery Day

  • Top left: Pre-op the Tuesday before surgery.  Dr. Stager told us they were only doing the Strabismus surgery because Caroline has two null points.  Once her pointed out the second one, we see it all the time now. 
  • Top right: In the waiting room before surgery.
  • Bottom left: hanging with daddy.
  • Bottom right: cuddling with mommy which she enjoyed her loopy meds.
  • Top left: Caroline brought her baby back with her during surgery. This is how the baby looked when she came out of surgery.  This is so freaking cute that I don't have the heart to take off the surgery attire. 
  • Bottom left: minutes after leaving and getting in the car.  She was so upset and her tears were actually blood. :o(  
  • Top right: Thing improved slightly when we went through the chick-fil-a drive through for some ice cream.  She insisted on feeding herself even if it made a mess.  Sometimes you just have to make an exception for eating in the car. 

3 hour post surgery.  Both eyes were equally blood shot.

Even though she is supposed to be sensitive to light, she insisted on looking out the window at the her daddy.

Prior to her nap, she played in her playroom and seemed pretty content.  However, she was on a constant flow of meds for a few days.

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