Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Today was all about our playroom and feeding the baby.  Caroline chooses to feed her baby a bottle, but Aubrey feeds her baby coins.  I think we already covered which child was the maternal one. Ha!

"What, you can't feed the baby coins?"

Snack time
I'm obsessed with Nutella.  I gave Caroline some, but she doesn't appreciate it as much.

Don't laugh
Hahaha...you laughed

There is some serious love over this UGLY brown recliner my mom bought the girls almost 2 years ago.  This has been mostly Aubrey chair, but I have come out of the bedroom to find fighting over this chair many time.  Fortunately both girls were just playing in this picture and Aubrey was trying to give Caroline a kiss.
She wanted Rodney to carry her in a bag.  Such a silly little girl

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