Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy 18 Months, Caroline Bella

15 months: 20.3 lbs & 31 inches
18 months: 21 lbs (8%) & 31.5 inches (44%)

Caroline, how in the heck did you become 18 months?  Boy of boy, it has been on adventurous 18 months.  Some days I have a hard time seeing you as a toddler and then other days you sass me and I think you are a teenager. Your beautiful, full face smile helps us all get past your ear piercing scream that you do when you want something you can't have.  When you are older and can understand, I will not sugar-coat that you were a super difficult infant/toddler.  You are demanding, strong-willed, and very emotional. But, as you age you are stating to turn those negative qualities and into positives.  You are a loveable, funny, sweet and overall kind little girl (when you aren't wanting something) :o).  We can't wait to see how you change in the next 6 months. Here is what you have been up to these past few months:

  • You can pull up to a standing position.
  • You can sit from a standing position.
  • You can get off of the couch.
  • You can climb onto the couch and then climb up to the half height wall.
  • You can walk while pushing your push cart.
  • You finally decided to say mama on Easter. 
  • You say: "no, no dog", "Tister" (sister), "Daddy" "mama", "airplane", "chicken", "blueberries", "all done", "Thank you", "please"  I'll add more words to the list when they come to me.

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