Monday, April 16, 2012


We had our follow-up appointment with Dr. Stager Jr. today and I think we are going to stick with him for Caroline's surgery.  We like his plan and I am now feeling more comfortable with the future surgery that we will be doing.  She is supposed to have her right eye patched to help her Strabismus (cross eye) of her left eye, but she is a feisty girl and takes it off.  Because of the Strabismus, she only has 40% vision in her left eye.  This can be improved with surgery or with patching.  If her eye sight isn't any better in 6 weeks, we will go ahead and schedule her Nystagmus surgery along with the Strabismus surgery.  Although I hate for her to have more surgery, I am looking forward to all the developmental milestones that she will do after the surgery.  Both a friend and the doctor have said that it is amazing to see the transformation of the development after getting the surgery.  I know her vision and null-point impairs her, so I can't wait to see how she will process things after the surgery. 

After we got home I attempted to take a picture of both girls.  Ha! 

I downloaded a helicopter app for my iphone and ipad and Aubrey thinks it is the best thing every. 

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