Tuesday, April 3, 2012


 Today we saw our third doctor about Caroline's Nystagmus.  This doctor is actually the father of the previous doctor we saw.  I like him, but I am still not 100% because I didn't get to ask all of my questions. The exam went as usually until he dilated her eyes and then asked me if she had any neurological issues.  Nope. Apparently her optic never/disk is swollen (papilledema), so we are seeing a pediatric specialist that deals with retina issues in children on Monday.  Apparently the swelling can be a sign of pressure in her brain or spine that is caused by possibly a tumor.  I have also read that the swelling could be just her "normal", but I am finding that harder to believe since it hasn't been seen in her other 2 dilated eye appointments.  I'm trying not to worry myself until there is actually something to worry about.  I guess we will find out more information on Monday.

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  1. So.... I say it every time I comment here (so why stop this time??), but I check in very regularly with the Pritchetts and I get super excited when there are new adventures posted. I read everything really fast (because I'm so excited), and then get a little sad that I read it so fast, because now I'll have to wait a little while before I can see more happenings. I was thinking, especially this time around, that I wished I lived even slightly close to you. I think that even though the last time we saw each other we were teenagers, we'd still get on just as we always have. Maybe someday :) , and for now, the internet will just have to do.

    So, concerning this post specifically, I'm quite proud of you for keeping calm and composed (even if it's just forcing it while writing this). After living without tv/internet at home for a long time (not necessarily by choice), it's become pretty obvious to me that we're trained to have that response - to be constantly high strung, and always fearing/thinking the worst, and having an overall negative outlook on things. While Caroline's situation with this issue, could potentially become even more serious, I'm proud of you for not wasting your time on worry. I know I don't have kids and there's no way I could understand your perspective, but I know today is a gift and meant to celebrated and enjoyed. Even thought I've never met them, it's obvious to me from your pictures and writings, that your girls are filled with beauty, joy, and light! This is my long, rambling way of saying, I'm thinking of you (and them), and sending you lots of good thoughts and energy, love, and prayers! Be well, my dear friend! <3