Thursday, April 5, 2012

iPhone Happenings

Here are some pictures from my iPhone from March & April. 

  1. Top Left: Aubrey and Emilee on the Fort Worth train
  2. Top right: Me & Caroline.  If you can see, Caroline has a green bow in her hair.  :o)
  3. Bottom left: Aubrey said, "look mommy, there is a circle in the sky."  Sure was!
  4. Bottom Right: Aubrey showing me her puppy wrapped in a towel.
  1. Top Left: Caroline pulling herself to a standing position for the second time. 
  2. Top Right:  Aubrey drew a ghost in the tub!  
  3. Bottom Left: Aubrey had to bring her baby to dinner with us and she had to have a high chair.
  4. Bottom Right: Aubrey playing with my make up.

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