Monday, March 12, 2012


Caroline doesn't normally sleep in the car, but we were about 5 minutes from home and she just couldn't keep her eyes open.  She is also starting to explore the stairs and is trying her hardest to get herself to a standing position.  She can pull to a standing position when she is hanging onto me, but she is determined to do it on other things.  I finally got Aubrey her first night gown.  She looks like such a big girl! 

When we head to Target Aubrey insists on stopping by the purses and selecting a nice purse to carry around the store. We saw this cute house at Sam's Club for the low price of $3,800.00.  Yikes!
My little lady coloring inside the lines! I also went "shopping" in all of Aubrey's old clothes in search of cute items that Caroline can wear.  So fun!
Aubrey is all about drawing these days and her pictures are so stinking cute!   Caroline wanted her hands clean and apparently Holly was willing to lick them clean for her. Ha!

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