Thursday, February 9, 2012

Water Beads & Stuffing

Water beads have been all over Pinterest this month and I can see why.  They are so much fun!  They start off super small and then grow to about 1/2 inch or larger when water is added. Both girls have had a ton of fun playing with them. 
Caroline is all about stacking and stuffing these days.  I turned around to find her stuffing her letter blocks into Aubrey's car.  When the car was completely stuffed, she then started pulling them out of the car and stacking them in the basket. 
Caroline had OT today and she did so great.  She is almost able to pull herself to a standing position.  She is also able to put more weight on her legs without having to lean on objects.  She is impressing us everyday with all her new skills. 

We did more water beds today. 

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