Friday, February 3, 2012

Our Life

Look at Miss Caroline getting up on her little knees.  Our occupational therapist is now coming once a week and I can really see the improvement in Caroline's crawling.  She has now started to get into a sitting position from a laying position.  We are so proud of out little girl!  

Aubrey is just...Aubrey. Ha! 
So I have been sewing a few things during the girls naps. Today Aubrey woke and wanted to "help" me.  I let her play with my bobbin winder, so she messed with it while I actually sewed a few project. 
It took her about 3 tries, but she threaded the thread through the hole (picture below).  It takes me 3-5 tries before my shaky hands can get the thread through the little loop, so I was super impressed by her mad skills. 

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