Sunday, February 26, 2012

Aubrey's Birthday

I think Aubrey had a pretty good birthday.  It started the night before with her cupcake pajamas. Rodney and I also got her a huge bug balloon and placed it right outside her door for her to find when she woke in the morning.  It was so fun to hear her come into the bedroom in the morning talking about her balloon and her birthday.  She opened a few presents in the morning and then she got to open her doll after lunch. 

I love her expression!  She was so happy to open these toys.  The horse was actually a toy she picked out a few weeks ago that she forgot about so I hid it for her birthday.  The dress up clothes was something I decided to add at the last minute after realizing she had become interested in dressing up after finding one of her old sparkly dresses.  
Of course the doll was a hit.  I actually got this doll right before Christmas for only $12.00.  Aubrey was in heaven and loved feeding/changing her baby. Aubrey looked at me and said, "I'm her mommy!" Too sweet!

Baby's dirty diaper.

Caroline had fun watching Aubrey open presents and hanging with Daddy.  
We had Aubrey's party at a local trampoline park.  I was actually not going to have a party, but after a guilt trip by Rodney, we decided to invite two of her friends.  Aubrey had a blast celebrating with Pierce and Tyler. Caroline had fun jumping with Mommy!

 Doesn't Aubrey look so cute??
 We invited her friends back to the house for some pizza and cupcakes. Even thought she didn't have a huge party, I think it was the right amount of friends to help her celebrate.

Our birthday girl!

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