Sunday, February 5, 2012

Around The House

I found Aubrey going through my purse today and putting on my lip gloss.  Nothing is every safe.
Notice Aubrey reading her kids Bible to her dolly. So sweet!  Caroline is all about getting on her knees these days.  I love these pants.  They were Aubrey's, but they look so cute on Caroline little booty.  The pants are actually 6-9 months and Caroline is 14 months.  The length is just a tad short, but they are so big around her waist.

Here is another outfit of Aubrey's that Caroline got to wear. She looks so stinking cute. 
Such a sweet little girl. 

After dinner, I walked into Aubrey's room to find this... Apparently Aubrey and Daddy were playing tent and reading books. 
Nothing is better than some Daddy time.
Tiffani got Aubrey and Cara a Elefun for Christmas.  Aubrey is obsessed. I have to hid it from her or there would be butterflies around my house all the time.  I was trying to get a picture of both girls playing, but just the act of me getting my camera out made Aubrey walk away.  Ha!

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