Monday, February 20, 2012


 There is a little girl in my house who has finally started to use her walker.  After much working and bribing, I finally go her to start moving forward and she hasn't stopped.  It is almost like something clicked and she understands that her legs can take her places.  

She had a physical therapist come out this week and evaluate her.  We are going to start adding PT twice a month to help her learn to walk.  They even mentioned her getting a special walker (can't remember the name) to help assist her in learning to walk and doing it the correct way.  Her current walker is good for getting her excited about moving, but it doesn't hold her in the correct position for walking.

Caroline also loves to clean!  If I give her a napkin or a wet wipe, she will go to town cleaning the area around her.  Yay!

Aubrey loves to help me water plants, but she spills water when using a traditional watering can.  I saw an idea on Pinterest about drilling holes in the cap of a detergent bottle and using it for watering plants.  It works perfect for Aubrey and I don't have to worry about water sloshing all over the floors. 

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