Monday, January 23, 2012

A Photo Shoot

I took the girls out to a local park/garden and got some cute pictures.  I am actually going to use the photos for a post at the beginning of February for Turner Syndrome Awareness month.  I have been trying to get more involved with TS in our community, so I contacted Turner Syndrome Society of the United States (TSSUS) and got all the info and signed the confidentiality agreement to start a local TSSUS-North Texas Chapter.  So far we have a small group, but just knowing that there are other moms and girls in the area is wonderful.  

Here are a few teasers from our shoot today.  

Our life is full of chaos from a soon to be three year old. 

 I don't know if it is the work of the chiropractor or what, but Caroline is willing to sit anywhere these days. 
 I asked Aubrey what she was doing with Caroline and she said, "I was holding Cara's hand."  Too Sweet!
 We finished up at the park with some swinging.  Caroline apparently was hungry because she said, "all done!" in the middle of her swinging and then started crying when I ignored her.  Ha! I guess she was "all done."


  1. Dana...I hope you don't mind me reading your sweet blog. I commented a few mos. ago when you linked to Kellys Korner..and I had told you our sweet Olivia was sadly the 24 week's been 15 yrs. now and I'm SO delighted to read about your sweet girls and especially Caroline..I think so often of what Olivia would be like now as a teenager..what she would face but mostly what a delight she would be...I'm so blessed to have 3 kids to love and (2) in heaven...God has blessed me with healing over time but it was just her Birthday Dec. 16th and it was bittersweet....I'm so thrilled to see what a wonderfully healthy and happy baby your little sweet heart is!! I have a blog too but I've been SO lax the last few mos. (It's mostly cooking/baking stuff) you motivate me to get back to it! haha if you ever want to check it out it's here: I have not ever posted about Olivia or Turners but I see that it's Feb. coming so I think I will do that next week...Happy for you and your sweet have a lovely blog and such wonderful photos! God bless you! I can tell you're a sweet and loving mama!! Blessing...jeni

    1. Hi Jeni! I remember your comment. I love that you enjoy reading my blog. I know your heart is still hurting for your sweet Olivia and February would be a GREAT month to spread awareness and your love for your little lady. I know that I sometimes wonder why we were the lucky 1%, but I know that God has a plan for Caroline, so I try to focus on the positive. Sometimes I debate if I should be honest about my emotions about raising a special needs child or even writing about Turner Syndrome, but I know that this little blog will help others and show my girls that life has challenges. If you ever want to talk, my email is danadarlene @ (just take the spaces out). -Dana