Saturday, January 28, 2012

iPhone Dump Saturday

Here are some random iPhone pictures from a few weeks back.  
It really is the simple things these days.  I love that we can go out to eat and Caroline can sit in a highchair while eating finger foods. 
Thanks to hip dysplasia, Caroline has had her mattress in her crib at the newborn stage.  Since she is sleeping without the brace, it was time to lower the mattress.  Caroline and Aubrey both love water, so I made them in indoor water area.  Caroline had a blast.
Unseasonably warm weather means many trips to the park.
I was cleaning the bathroom while the girls napped and Aubrey woke while I was finishing.  She helped, but then decided she wanted to take an impromptu bath after getting her pj's wet. Yes, it was afternoon and she was still in her pj's. :o) 
Aubrey loves to wash her baby.  She also loves tomatoes.  I actually have to buy two packages, one for her to eat at the store and one for us to eat at home.
Silly iPhone time with Aubrey. 
I love these.  The first one is just the three of us and then we convinced Aubrey to join.  Notice how sad Aubrey is about having her picture taken or maybe just being with her family?  Oh well, mom and dad started crying to show her what she looked like. Ha!

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