Saturday, December 31, 2011

iPhone Dump

Here are some pictures that I have had on my iPhone for a while and needed to post.  

We had Caroline's 1 month post spica cast appointment on 12/15.  Everything appears to be looking good. Dr. Birch always has this thing about him that makes you question whether things are good after I leave the appointment.  We will go back in March for another check-up and an x-ray with Caroline standing (hopefully she will be standing) and I guess we will find out if things are going okay.  I am a little nervous about the March appointment, but I am assuming this is normal seeing all that we have been through.  Every time we get great news, it is usually followed by bad news.  I am hoping that this is not going to be a pattern.   

I Love this picture of Caroline.  Scottish Rite is just a great hospital.  They always have toys, coloring books and other fun things to give the kids when they are there.  Along with the popcorn that she gets at every visit, maybe that is why Aubrey calls Scottish Rite the "circus."
We did a family Santa picture this year because I was NOT going to torture Caroline and make her sit on a random mans lap.  This picture below is of Aubrey with Santa on Christmas Eve.  She told him she wanted a doll house and a blue car.  I love that Caroline can now sit in the buggy.  Doesn't she look cute in her plaid jacket?
Me and my little lady.

Now that we are almost 2 months post spica, things are finally starting to get easier.  Caroline can sit in a regular highchair and eat out at restaurants.  Since we don't eat out as much, Aubrey thinks it is a treat and has so much fun.  Aubrey had fun writing on the walls at a new restaurant. Watching Caroline rummage through my pantry will never get old. 

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