Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Climbing & Forks

 Caroline's new thing is to eat with a fork.  She loves for me to put the food on it and then eat the food off of it.  She thinks she is all that and will even clap.  She actually will eat more food and a variety of food if it comes on a fork.  Yay for forks!
 I caught her in the act of climbing into the shelf.  She actually was half way in the shelf when I grabbed my camera, but once she heard my flash turn on, she sat down.  Once she noticed me on the floor, she moved super fast to get to me. 
 She knows her toys are on the bottom shelf, so she goes there often to play.
 There is always another opportunity to catch her in the act of climbing. :o)
 These shelves use to hold wine, but now they just hold a variety of kid toys.  Kids change everything. :o)

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