Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

The night before Christmas....

We assembled all toys and wrapped everything per Santa's orders. 

Caroline may have been upset about getting her picture taken and a little kiss from big sister didn't help any.  Notice Aubrey still in her panties looking at the presents?  LOVE it! 

Aubrey unwrapped her presents, Caroline's presents, and basically all the presents.  She had fun.  Conan found and unwrapped his own present. Ha!

Aubrey's big present from us was a dollhouse.  It was the last thing she opened and she was so excited.  She played with it until nap time.  Caroline liked her toys.

The "blue car" sat wrapped until after nap.  She only tried to unwrap it once and that was before nap.  When she woke from her nap, she finally go to unwrap her last present. She was so excited despite her lack of smiles.  We all know that Aubrey doesn't show excitement through smiles. :o) 
Caroline rode in the car (bottom left) but the moment Aubrey stepped on the gas and then let off the gas, Caroline flew off the seat.  Poor thing.  

Aubrey enjoying her car in our front yard.  The moment I came out with Caroline in the wagon, she wanted nothing to do with the car and wanted to be in the wagon.  Silly girl. 

We took Aubrey a warehouse down the street so she could really practice using her car without worrying about cars.  She had so much fun and loved driving through the puddles and seeing the tire tracks behind her.

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