Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This girl makes me laugh.  I got out the walker for Caroline (who doesn't want to play in it), but Aubrey apparently thinks it is hers.  The walker is like a little car, so she pretends to drive to "work."

Aubrey got her flu mist this past weekend.  Apparently you can get very similar symptoms of the flu, but at a lesser degree.  She told me she was sick and that her throat hurt. :o( We went to the doctor to rule out Strep and thankfully it was just a result of the flu mist.
I had to purchase two packages of tomatoes because Aubrey thinks they are hers and eats them like a snack.
The wagon has now been converted from Caroline's spica cast chariot to just a wagon for two little girls or one little girl and her momma's iPhone.

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