Friday, November 4, 2011

Dropper Play & Robots

 Food coloring + ice cube tray + dropper = fun time!

 Playroom playtime!  I love how Caroline is really exploring the shelving these days.  I put all her toys and books on the bottom shelves for her to grab.  Holly just wanted to say "Hi!"
Daddy likes to think he is cooler than Mommy, but he isn't.  :o)
Daddy built Aubrey a cool Robot and she was kind of smitten with it. 

 The elephant is its head.  Ha! 

 Is my child the one kid in America that thinks cherry tomatoes are a snack?  She would eat the entire container if I let her, but I needed some for our salads.

 Caroline loves anything that lights up.
Aubrey loves to "help" Caroline these days.

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