Saturday, October 29, 2011


What cast?  We had a friends 1st birthday party to attend this weekend, so Miss Caroline got to wear her party dress.  Doesn't she look cute?  It is a nice fall dress that use to belong to Aubrey that I paired with a nice pair of spring leggings. Ha! At least her legs were warm and you couldn't tell that she had a cast.  

Miss Aubrey is harder to take pictures of, but I am starting to get a few more looks at the camera and some attempts at smiles.  Yay!  When Aubrey woke, the wish book for Target had arrived.  She sat on the island and looked through it with wide-eye wonderment.  Of course she stopped on the page with the cars and said she wanted the red Mercedes.  I keep telling her to ask Santa. 

I was laying on the grass taking pictures of Caroline when I noticed Aubrey was mocking me.  Ha!
Refusing to look at me.
You would like me to look at you? Nope!
I'm going to smile in this direction.
She is so proud of herself for riding her bike by herself.
She looks so grown up, but next year I am going to look at this picture and think how little she was. 
Miss Silly!  This is the reaction you get when you ask her if she sees any ghosts.

I love her! 
Time to take the baby for a walk.
Posing next to her pumpkin.
Daddy and Caroline
Jack-o-lantern with a flameless candle.

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