Thursday, October 20, 2011

Scottish Rite--Spica Cast x-ray

Caroline had her two week follow up appointment since getting her second Spica cast.  Since her appointment was at 12:30, we made a fun morning out of it.  We had a picnic at the Scottish Rite park.  We then went inside and Aubrey got herself a medium popcorn. Scottish Rite has these cool motion sensing projectors that Aubrey loves. Caroline got a little fussy because her appointment was right at her nap time.  Thankfully they didn't want to listen to a little baby scream, so they got us in an out in record time.  Ha!

The x-ray and only tell the doctor if the hips are in place and they still are.  November 16th is her cast removal date.  They are still putting her under, but the doctor is very optimistic that she will be leave the OR with cast free legs.  Yay!!

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