Friday, September 2, 2011

Rolling in A Spica Cast

I seriously can't get enough of that face or smile.  This is probably one of my top 5 favorite pictures of Caroline.  I wasn't even trying for an awesome photo.  All I wanted to do was document her cute outfit that I put together after going through all of Aubrey's 12-18 month clothes.  It is so much fun to go "shopping" in clothes that you already own. Ha! I think we have WAY more purple things than we originally thought and I just might stick with a purple cast for her second Spica cast.
Caroline would like to show you her new trick that she learned this week.  She is getting ready...

And she is rolling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you can tell by all of my exclamation marks, I am SO. STINKING. HAPPY.  When she first rolled this week, she really showed no desire to do it prior to actually rolling.  I was actually working on her cushion for her stroller, looked down, and she was beaming up at me with this huge smile.  I was shocked and so overjoyed.

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