Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Random Wednesday

Aubrey is obsessed with hop scotch these days and since it is back to being HOT outside, I made her an indoor hop scotch.  She was on cloud nine. She is doing so great with counting theses days.  She can could to 20 and then count items up to 9. She likes to lay out her veggie sticks and count how many she has.  We are so proud of her counting skills!

My little artist at work.  She was standing on her pink chair, but I thought the stool would be better for standing.

I seriously should do a post on places Holly sleeps during the day.  Caroline isn't very fond of the bean bag because she wants to be mobile or in an actual sitting position.  Oh well, at least Holly is getting some use out of the bean bag. 

Caroline is now enjoying a few finger foods.  She loves Aubrey's veggie sticks, french fries, and bananas. 

Cutie pie is doing so good, but her extremely high arch palate in the roof of her mouth is causing us issues.  Twice she has gotten food stuck up there, but doesn't complain about it.  I am only made aware of it because she sticks her tongue out or refuses her bottle or paci.  The second time she got food stuck, it took me 5 minutes to get it out and several items: My pinkie, a wash cloth, cotton swab, and finally a kids tooth brush.  My pinkie actually made her gag and she threw up everywhere. The food was so stuck that I was actually concerned that I would have to take her to the doctors to get it removed.  I finally thought about the tooth brush after three attempts I was able to dislodge it from her arch.  I now look at her arch during each meal to see if she has food stuck in her arch.      

 A sweet moment between two sisters.  I asked Aubrey if she wanted to share with Caroline, so she fed her some ice cream that she got from the ice cream man.  

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