Saturday, September 24, 2011

Outdoor Rides

This past month I have been gathering all of the old baby gear and preparing it for sale at the Just Between Friends sale in Fort Worth.  Since I am a cosigner, I get to shop at the sale prior to it opening to the public.  Since I have a good bit of winter clothes for both girls, I just focused on some outdoor toys and indoor toys for the girls. 

I got this trike for $22.00.  We used it today to hunt down the ice cream man.  Aubrey had a blast.

I got this scooter for $16.00. 

Here is Caroline enjoying her outside time while Aubrey plays.  Take Caroline out of the swing and be prepared for a serious tantrum involving high-pitched screaming, and slapping.  Oh boy, the tantrums are already starting.  :o)

Of course Aubrey is outside enjoying her Popsicle.  The top right picture is Aubrey watching herself move and dance in the reflection of the car.  Do you see the happy face sticker on my wheel?  Aubrey put it there a few months back while washing the mini.  Haha...I wanted to see how long it would stay on and apparently it is going to stay FOREVER! 

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