Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ENT Appointment

Caroline had her first ENT appointment with Dr. Bauer in Southlake.  Fortunately her ear infection is gone, but she does have fluid in her ears.  In the next 6 weeks she needs to have tubes put in to remove the fluids.  Dr. Bauer explained that with fluid in her ears, her hearing sounds muffled and similar to you sticking your fingers in your ears.  Also, language development is based on great hearing and not okay hearing.  If she isn't hearing the sounds correctly or if they are muffled, she won't learn to sound out those sounds and develop speech. 

Besides seeing Dr. Bauer for her ears, he also gave us a referral to see a endocrinologist at Medical City Children's that works with kids with short stature.  Yay!!! We thought we would have to travel to Oklahoma to meet an endocrinologist that worked with girls with Turner Syndrome and now we can see someone in Dallas.   Super Excited. :o)

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