Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spica Cast Diapering

Diapering is SO much different these days.  This is 32 Poise pads (regular length and medium absorbancy) along with 32 size 3 diapers (size Caroline wore precast). 

 I cut a slit down the middle of the Poise pad to let all the urine seep from the Poise pad to the diaper.  This keeps leaks to a minimum. I have actually only had two leaks and that was during her nap. 
 I cut the tabs off the diaper and cut as much excess (top and bottom) from the diaper as possible. I leave the elastic around the sides because the elastic actually serves a purpose.
 The Poise pad and diaper happily together.
 After 30 minutes, I have 32 completed daytime diapers and 1 nighttime diaper.  This would be more awesome if this stash would last longer than 4 days.

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