Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Urologist Part 1 & Part 2

This little cutie had her kidney ultrasound on Friday.  We are fortunate to not to have had any more issues with her kidney's since her 3 day hospital stay for her kidney infection at 3 weeks old.  With that said, we also haven't had any ultrasounds since she was 3 weeks, so I was a little concerned.  No reason to be concerned, but just nervous I guess.

Caroline did great!  The ultrasound lasted 15 minutes and she was pretty much all smiles the entire time.


We went back today to speak with the Doctor Pinto and get her results.  Her kidney's look really good.  She does have slight swelling of her right kidney, but it is the same as it was when she was 3 weeks.  She will continue to have ultrasounds yearly until she is 5 to make sure the kidney' are growing correctly and that the swelling isn't getting bigger.  Overall, it was  a great appointment.  Of all the doctors we see, I really like Dr. Pinto. 

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