Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pretty in Orange

This little lady is growing so fast.  She is one week away from being 2.5 years old.  She has been doing and saying some of the funniest stuff these days.  In no order, here are some of the things Aubrey has been doing. 
  • She loves her babysitter and will tell me bye 100 times to get me out the door so she can play.
  • Everything ends with "okay" these days, unless you ask her if she needs to poop and that is a definite "no!"
  • She thinks EVERYTHING belongs to her.  
  • She loves to dress herself.  She can put her shoes on the correct feet.  She loves to put shirts over shirts because she can.  Ha! 
  • She loves showers.  She asked one day to take a shower, so I let her.  Now I never get any freedom in the shower. 
  • She loves to play games on the iPad.  She can probably do more on the iPad than her Grandma and avoid getting a virus while she plays (sorry, mom).  Ha!
  • She can count almost to 20. 
  • She gets out of her bed a few times at bedtime.  I finally told her that I was going to take her Monkey Do (Mikey Mouse) away if she got out of bed again.  She stayed in bed.  I am nice about it.  I tell her that Monkey Do needs sleep and if she isn't going to sleep, he needs to come and sleep with me.  Problem solved. 
  • Aubrey was potty trained about a month after turning 2.  She has never worn a pull-up and holds it all night (super proud!).  But...she poops in her panties.  We have finally gotten to the point where she isn't pooping as frequently and is starting to tell me.  I have been telling her that her babysitter (Julia) will be sad if she poops in her panties.  She loves Julia so much that she doesn't want to make her sad.  So after she poops in the potty, she walks around the house saying, "Julia happy."  I am one happy momma now that poop is going in the potty.  :o)
  • Today I said "crap" and Aubrey said "crab".  That was close.  
  • Aubrey loves to sing songs.  She likes Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but doesn't know all the words.  She kind of sounds like me when she sings.  She knows the music and and hum it all day long, but forget about her getting the words correct. 
  • She loves playing hide-and-seek.  She likes to count and seek you, but she gets to anxious when you are seeking her and she comes and finds you.  When she finds you, she says "surprise!" Silly little girl.  
  • She is obsessed with watching all the videos of her on the iPad.  today she found some of herself dancing in her room and then she had to recreate the dance for me in the living room.  
  • When she dances, she likes to pause in a certain pose.  She is usually posing with finger pointed into the sky.
  • You may be asking yourself, "does that girl ever smile?"  Yes, but only when I am not holding the camera or when it is a picture that I would never print and put in my house.  If I spend the time getting her dressed and getting my camera, there is 100% chance she will not smile for me. 
I have a ton more stories to share, I just need to write them down so I don't forget to type them out.  I hate my short-term memory. 

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  1. Whenever I'm feeling blah - I think: what could cheer me up? I'll see what Dana's babies are up to! And it always makes me smile :D .
    Kind of similar to your "crap/crab" story, when I was nannying, the little girl I was taking care of was about Aubrey's age. She loved to do what I did, and I knew I had to watch my mouth. I eventually came up with replacement words. I found "nugget" and "monkey" to be very satisfying in times of complete frustration. Whenever one of these came out of my mouth, she, of course, would crack up and repeat (several times) "OH NUGGET" - sigh.