Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Caroline's 9 Month Well-Check

9 months

Weight: 16.10lbs 7th%
Height: 29inches 90%

Caroline had her 9 month check up today.  Caroline is doing great.  Developmentally, she is doing pretty good with fine motor skills and cognitive development, but her gross motor skills is behind.  I knew this and it didn't come as a surprise.  What she is behind in for gross motor skills, she makes up for in verbal skills.  She is a little chatter box and can babble her N's, M's, D's, and B's.  I swear she has said Momma twice when I have walked out of the room, but she stops the instant I start to record.   Overall, she is HEALTHY and I couldn't have asked for a better report. I mean, we did leave an appointment without having to be refereed to a specialist.  I consider this appointment to be very successful.  :o)

9 months
Just for a comparison, I looked at Aubrey's stats for her 9 month check-up.  Aubrey was 19.15lbs and 28 inches.

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