Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Spica Cast, Here We Come

Here is Caroline during her appointment on Thursday at Scottish Rite.  She just loves sitting on the tables and looking into the mirror. 

Apparently I am going to need a lot of Duct Tape for the Spica cast and just so happened to find some on the end cap while at Wal-mart. Isn't this super fantastic?

I have a long list of things I need to get to just do normal maintenance of the cast.  I have read that it takes on average 10 minutes to do a diaper change and if there are problems, it can take MUCH longer.  One blogger had a 2 hour and 17 minute diaper change.  Let's hope we never move past the 10 minute mark.  Yikes!


  1. It's me again :) Just wanted to mention that they (the ortho dr) lined my sons cast with something so we could stuff a washcloth up his back to help with the "messy" diapers. Something you may want to look into.

    We never really had any diaper changes that took longer than 10 minutes. And I'm sure they have mentioned this to you, but one thing that made life easier was putting a poise pad tucked up inside of the cast under the diaper. Most of the time we only needed to change the pad and not the whole diaper.

    My email is jillk77 at aol dot com if you ever want to email me :)

  2. What a blessing to hear that it you never had LONG diaper changes. I am terrified of what I have read, but hopefully we can stick with the 10 minutes or less change.

    I know the doctor is lining the cast with Gore-Tex and it is supposed to make the cast water proof. Is this lining your were thinking of?

    I will be emailing you. :O) The nurse (not our regular nurse) tried to explain it, but since she is not the nurse for Caroline's doctor she really didn't know how he lined the cast. She was kind of helpful, but I feel like I can learn more from parents that have been through it!