Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Offical

I got Caroline's surgery/cast schedules in the mail this week from Scottish Rite.  The envelope was pretty thick, so I knew it was something important.  This just makes it seem so real.  :-(

Caroline will go in for pre-op on Friday, August 19th.  I am sure they will do blood work, x-rays, answer questions and apparently a lot more.  I was told by Caroline's nurse to expect to be there all day.  On Monday, August 22nd, Caroline will have to be at Scottish Rite by 5:00 in the morning for the procedure and then will be staying the night.  Our big concern is her lymphedema (swelling) of her feet because of her Turner's syndrome.  I am sure they will be keeping a close eye on her feet to make sure her circulation is okay.  On October 3rd, she will go back to Scottish Rite for her 6 week cast change.  

12 or 18 weeks?
Caroline will get her cast on August 22nd and will have a CT scan to make sure her hips are in the correct position after the cast is applied.  She will then have another CT 2 weeks out to make sure they are still where they are supposed to be.  At 6 weeks, she will have her cast changed.  At this point, we will kind of know if she will have 6 or 12 more weeks in the cast.  If her hips are looking good, she will most likely be placed in a cast that stops at her knees for 6 weeks.  If her hips are still needing help, she will be placed back into the regular cast that expends to her ankles.  I believe if she comes out with the ankle cast, she will have 12 more weeks (6 more weeks in long cast and then 6 weeks in short cast).  So, we won't know if we have 12 or 18 weeks in the cast until they finish her cast change on October 3rd.  I am hoping to see beautiful, kicking legs on Oct 3rd.  :o) 
I am just praying that I still get to see this smiley little girl when she gets her cast!!  I just wanted to show some more pictures of Caroline playing with her most cherished possession. 


  1. WOW! Caroline is about to go through the exact same thing our Cameron did. My thoughts are with you, it is so scary. We were told she would prob need an open reduction, but they were able to do it closed. We go back to TSRH on the 10th for another CT to see if it's still in place. Wish us luck! Such a roller coaster! Just know your daughter is in the best hands!
    Everyone at TSRH had been so amazing and surgery was not as scary as we thought it would be.

  2. Good luck! Is your daughter still in the spica cast or is she out?

  3. Yes, she had her closed reduction on July 19th at Scottish Rite and will be in her cast a total of 18 weeks (pending her CT coming up this Tuesday shows it still in place). Our daughters are basically going through the same steps, Cameron is just a month ahead with the process. Is your daughter going to have an open or closed reduction? Feel free to email me if you have ANY questions at all: merfyc@gmail.com
    Enjoy these last couple weeks before her cast and squeeze those sweet legs as much as you can! Just know that it will be a HUGE relief once surgery is said and done and you can just focus on life w the cast. =) It's just the fear of the unknown that stinks.