Tuesday, July 26, 2011

iPhone Tuesday

Me and My littlest sweetie!

Me & My Girl

Now that Caroline can roll in her Rhino Cruiser that is all she wants to do. She was supposed to be taking a morning nap, but this is what I found after 30 minutes of her being in her crib. Poor thing!
Foot stuck

We had a playdate twice this week at our community pool. I really don't have to worry much because Aubrey HATES the big pool since she can't touch. Aubrey only wants to hang in the toddler pool which is great with me. Caroline LOVES the pool. She sits on my lap and splashes in the water.
Pool 2

Aubrey and I met one of our friends at the pool around 7:00 one night. This was her first time going and she was in heaven.


Water guns

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