Saturday, July 23, 2011

Daddy-Daughter Date

Winnie the Pooh came out in theaters this weekend and Rodney wanted to take Aubrey.  They both had so much fun!  Rodney gave Aubrey her ticket after he paid.  Aubrey watched Rodney give the ticket to the theater employee and the Aubrey did the same.  She noticed that Rodney put his ticket in his pocket and she tried to do the same thing.  So. Freaking. Cute!  

Aubrey doesn't like scary things, so a few of the previews scared her.  Once the movie started Rodney said she had so much fun!  She ate her popcorn, sipped on Rodney's coke, and even talked back to the movie.  Ha!  

I think they both had an awesome time.  Since I am not a movie person, I see them both having more dates like this in the future.  :o)

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