Sunday, July 17, 2011

All Play

Aubrey started doing jigsaw puzzles on the iPad about a month ago.  She is so good that she doesn't even need my help to start a puzzle anymore.  Since she loves puzzles and Thomas, I got her a Thomas The Train puzzle.  She was so happy and did so good completing the puzzle.  She did about 30% of the puzzle and mommy "helped" point her in the right direction the other 70%.

I put down three strings and had Aubrey jump over each one.  Kind of an exercise in jumping and learning colors. 

Coins!  This is a great Montessori activity.  We are working her sorting the coins, but for now we are learning which coin is small and which one is big.  This is her most requested activity.  We are also learning to play on her blanket when she does her Montessori activities. 

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