Wednesday, June 8, 2011

GI Appointment

This could turn into a long post, but I am just going to be short and sweet.  Saw the GI today and the think Caroline has MSPI (milk soy protein intolerance).  We only saw the physicians assistant (not happy about).  The PA said that she thinks she has it because she isn't gaining weight. Caroline is still 15lbs and no ounces.  Two months ago I would have agree with MSPI, but she shows no signs other than lack of weight gain and that was only this month.  They want to switch her to Elecare which is just a "better" tasting version of Neocate. They also want to up her calories so we would be adding additional formula to make the concentration of the formula a higher calorie bottle.

I have met a few moms with little girls who have TS and many of their little girls are low on the weight curve.  Caroline is actually chunky compared to them.  I think her lack of weight gain is actually contrbuted to her TS and not MSPI. 

Starting Saturday I am just going to try the plain Similac Sensitive and not the Similac Sensitive for Spit-up.  I will also call her nutritionist on Monday and get the proper ratios for fortifying this formula with more calories.  I am going to try it for two weeks and then go to the pediatrican for a weight check.  If she still isn't gaining, then I will attempt the Elecare. 

This GI appointment left me exhausted. 

Here are some cute pictures of my pumpkins.  Caroline loves Aubrey's dolly.  She kept looking at her and playing with her hair.  Maybe Caroline is jealous of the dolly's hair.  Ha!

Toca Doctor app for the iPhone is freaking awesome!  It is basically different puzzles that involve anatomy.  Aubrey loves it and it keeps her entertained during office visits.

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