Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011-Huge Picture Share

While Jim & Tiff were staying with us, I asked Tiffani to take some family pictures.  She did a great job, but the crazy Texas wind and a rather stubborn two year old put a few kinks in my plans.  Oh well!  I think they are cute and fabulous memories of our little family.  Thanks Tiffani!! 

If it is all about Aubrey, she is willing to participate in the picture taking process.
I love this happy little girl.  Even though she was sleepy, she still gave a few cute and precious smiles.

Us girls :o)
She loves her daddy. 
A plane!
When Tiffani gives you a lollipop, everything in the world is all right.
At least she is in the picture and not giving me a stinky face. 

While Tiffani cuddled Miss Caroline, I took some precious pictures of my big girl!

I love these last two pictures of Rodney and Aubrey. 

Thanks Tiffani for taking the family pictures and entertaining my littlest lady.

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