Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little Bit of Aubrey-IPhone

I took Aubrey to the neighborhood park this week.  She loves the ducks and blowing on the little, yellow flowers.
We went to Central Market and she found her PSP in my bag.  I only use the PSP for doctors appointments to keep her content so I can listen and absorb the info instead of correcting a 2 year old the entire time.  We never use this at grocery stores, but Central market has a handy front holder that held the PSP perfectly.  Made for one nice grocery store adventure. 
Rodney put Aubrey in her carseat.  I turned to look at her and noticed she was wearing her sunglasses.  She is so cute!
Aubrey got punished and I put her in her room for time out.  I told her to either come out with a happy face or to take a nap, I guess she wanted the nap.  Ha!

I went to open my make-up (concealer) and started to laugh went I opened it and found three perfectly placed fishes inside.  I haven't used the concealer for a while, so who knows how long the fishes have been there. 

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